Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Weeks

We have been in Cincinnati for two weeks (and that means only two weeks until we are in our rental house!)
I love exploring our new city.
Things that we have done so far:

Being Touristy Locals

 We visited the neighborhood festival Second Sunday on Main.

Sophia had her first trip to the zoo!


Target, my happy place :)
As far as I know we are not anywhere close to a Super Target (none in Ohio and I'm not sure how far the Kentucky locations are from us) which is disappointing. The gluten free offerings are slim in the "Fresh Grocery" locations, but there are some choices.

I explored Kroger and Meijer stores. Neither one has an amazing gluten free section (at least not the ones I visited), but I found some of the products I use.
We checked out Jungle Jim's International superstore. Loved the gluten free selection and I can't wait to head back!

We are staying very close to an IKEA and it is one of my favorite places to browse. I can't wait to head back to decorate the playroom at the rental house!

Clothes, clothes, clothes
Unfortunately the budget is not letting me splurge {much} on any new fashion right now, but I am enjoying some window shopping at my favorite retailers.


Aside from restaurants we have eaten at before, we tried a few new places.
BJ's: They have a gluten free pizza crust which is alright. For dessert I had a pizookie. I'm always happy when I can have dessert :)
First Watch: Fun breakfast and lunch chain. Not a great gluten free selection, but options.
Yardhouse: Good selection of gluten free items for me. Great covered outdoor seating. Dave loved the extensive beer selection.
Don Pablo's: There was one of these near my hometown, but this is the first time I had ever eaten at one. Good selections for me and tasty tex mex.
Cute little tired queso eater.

Other Things

Swimming at the hotel pool. We won't have access to a pool after we leave here. As long as the weather cooperates we have been getting our toes wet. S isn't interested in staying very long, but she loves the water while we are there!
Story time at Joseph-Beth.

Dancing at the bookstore.
Checking out the Barnes and Noble. Sophia loves the trains and stuffed animals much more than the books.
I am looking forward to getting to know Cincinnati better and driving more without using my navigation!

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