Saturday, September 24, 2016

Game Time!

Soccer games have started and Sophia is loving every minute...well. most of them anyway. She doesn't enjoy sitting out for water breaks. She does a great job running with the ball and turning the ball around for her team. She hasn't scored any goals yet, but she has stopped every goal that has come her way when she is in the goal.
I hope she always has fun when she is on the field.

Little sister has been enjoying her time on the sidelines (and snacks), but she still tries to find her way onto the field whenever she can.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ready for Fall

We celebrated the beginning of fall with a trip to the splash park. As much as I am ready for the cooler temperatures and all of the fun that happens in autumn, we are taking full advantage of the warmer weather while we can.
Proof that Sophia was with us...she was having so much fun running around and playing, that she is just a blur in most of the photos I took.
 Before leaving the park, Emma showed us how brave she was by climbing to the top of the castle.