Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Babbling Beauty

Sophia is 'talking' so much more but most of it is just jibberish to me.

Some of her words:
hhhaaa (hot) {she fans herself while saying it}
Dun da (Hunter)
Ona (Kona)
ba (ball)
aa duh (all done)
diap (diaper)

She isn't signing as much (not that we ever had a great sign language vocabulary). She does "please" all.the.time. Any time you ask a question about something she wants, she responds with please. At least she has manners :)
Other signs: "eat", "all done", "more", "bath", and "water" (which she uses whenever she wants a drink), "quiet".
My favorite online resource for signs is Baby Sign Language. I love that videos are available for each sign. I have the hardest time trying to figure out what I am supposed to do when I am just looking at a picture.

Dog Baby Sign Language
Dog in sign language via
Signs we are working on: thank youhappy, diaper, book, dance, cold, toothbrush.

S has started making noises and sometimes pointing to express herself. The problem that we are encountering is that she sometimes gets very frustrated that she can't tell me exactly what she wants - which results in some MAJOR tantrums. She has mastered the limp body, fake cry, fall to the ground, and walk away...we are in trouble!!
Hiding in a dog crate because she didn't want to get dressed.
Fortunately, Sophia has amazing receptive language and that helps with the meltdowns (a little anyway). To help with diaper changes I ask her to bring me the diaper and wipes and then she gets to throw out the diaper afterwards.

Any suggestions you have to help with tantrums would be greatly appreciated!


  1. she also started saying "no no no" yesterday. sigh.

  2. I love this...tantrums! Oh god love these cuties!! Thankful that our little one signs like crazy but she can still throw a great fit! I have tried everything too, but like with S if she can help out with something it makes it much easier!

  3. Oh forgot to tell you we use Signing is a video and her daughter is really deaf, they found out when she was 1. So the kids are on it and it has great songs. We rent them at our local library instead of buying them. Look into it. It helps because they can see the kids do it on the video! Instead of just you doing the sign all the time!

    1. oooh...thanks for the tip. Once I can get a library card here I will absolutely look into those!


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