Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Potty Time!

I am not Potty Training Sophia
{mainly because I have no clue what to do!}
but I did pick up a potty a few weeks ago.
She has started bringing me a diaper when she wants to be changed
and I just wanted her to get used to having a potty.

We sit on it each night before bath time.
She likes it, but she tries to push it around and ride on it like a car.
This morning I told her I was going to the bathroom and she followed me,
trying to take off her dress and diaper at the same time.
After stripping her down, she settled in on the potty.
She alternates the way she faces and hops on and off constantly.

I walked out of the bathroom to get her a fresh diaper and when I returned...
there was pee in the potty!!
I think I scared her a bit with all of the praise I was giving her!
New milestone: First pee on a potty July 26, 2013.
Now, to learn how to potty train an almost-seventeen month old.
For the record, I think she is a little too young, but we will continue to sit on the potty.

Children's potty from IKEA.

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  1. That is awesome! I have been so excited about Avery doing something that I have scared her with praise too! LOL! Have a great weekend!


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