Monday, July 15, 2013

The City Flea

Since the restaurant is still in the hiring phase, Dave had a rare weekend off.

I wanted to do a little exploring of the city this weekend and was shocked at how much was happening in Cincinnati.

We could have gone to the Bunbury Music Festival, The Queen City Sausage Fest, a Hot Air Balloon Festival...and so much more.

Our adventures this weekend focused in of Cincinnati's oldest and most historic neighborhoods. On Saturday we went to Washington Park to check out the City Flea.

The City Flea
Sophia did not care about anything but the dogs when we first arrived. Every dog is Hunter so she pointed, called out 'Dun da' and proceeded to follow every pup she saw.
Just a few of the vendors that caught my eye. Living in a hotel, we are not looking to add anything extra to our belongings, but I took quite a few business cards. So thankful for the internet and etsy shops.
Proof that every once in awhile I can get Sophie to wear a bow for at least a few minutes.
Sophia loved exploring the playground...
...she had a blast checking out the fountains (even though she didn't have a bathing suit)...
...and cooled down with some dojo gelato.
Our attempt at a family self-portrait :)

I am a huge fan of Washington Park and can't wait to head back with Sophia when it is not quite as crowded.

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