Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Zoo

We made a trip to The Cincinnati Zoo today. I was hoping we would get to go as a family, but Sophia and I headed over by ourselves since Dave was at work. Today was the Kids, Cultures, Critters, and Crafts Festival. Admission was only one dollar for me and Sophia was free since she is under two. Great for my budget!
It was wicked hot and humid today and I knew it would be crowded so we arrived just as the park was opening and left around lunch time.
Sophia is NOT a morning person (and I might have gotten sunscreen in her eye) so she was not very pleasant when we first arrived.

I got a kick out of this sign in the bathroom.
Be prepared for picture overload!
Sophia was quite intrigued by the people cleaning the manatee tank.
Looking at the lions (who wouldn't turn around) and some birds.
Waiting on the elephants.

These statues were all over the park.
It was a little to hot and crowded to wait for pictures with any others.
Just another reason to head back soon!
Some of the other animals we saw.
 Talking to the penguins.
As we were leaving a woman offered to take our picture
(and reminded me the importance of being IN the pictures - not just the one taking them).
Two hot and sweaty ladies who had a great time!

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