Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Second Sunday on Main

To round out our weekend of exploring the city we headed back to Over-the-Rhine.
From June through October there is a neighborhood festival on the second Sunday of each month called Second Sunday on Main.
Love holding hands with her!
The theme this month was PRIDE, but we weren't there for any of the main events.
Checking out the three little piggies.
Always pointing to tell us what she wants.
It was such a pretty day, but HOT!

Dave and Sophia watching the ladies with hula hoops - they were good!
Before we left we cooled down in the Streetpops store. We tried the avocado, thai basil lime, and apricot chamomile. All were very yummy!

Cutest little popsicle eater ever.
If you want to visit, there are three event dates left: August 11th, September 8th, and October 13th.
Taking in the sights while headed back to the car.

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