Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Pajamas 2014

Just like {last year} we went a bit overboard with Halloween-themed pajamas. Most I purchased last year at the end of the season at a deep discount. Despite my best intentions, I did not get pictures of Sophia in all of her Halloween Pajamas.

These kitty pajamas from Gap are my favorite. 
Last year from Gap (kitty mask version this year) 
This set is a repeat from last year, but I love it just as much. Sophia likes looking for the glow in the dark eyes under her covers.
Last year from Just One You Made by Carter's
These skeleton pajamas are Sophia's favorite. At night she likes chasing after us while she glows. During the day she hates taking them off, just in case she would miss a moment of them glowing. She would wear her "Skelton Costoon" 24/7 if I let her.
Old Navy
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  1. Love all of her pajamas!! especially the Cat mask! Super cute!!

  2. I think her kitty cat eyed pajamas are my favorite. I wonder if they make them in my size? Thanks for sharing her cuteness with us.

  3. That is sweet that she likes her glowing jams so much! Aria has a few shirts with glow bits but she is pretty apathetic towards them this year. Good move stocking up when they go on sale, I always have the intention to do that and it never happens.

  4. Oh my goodness she has the cutest jams! And what a doll she is!

  5. I adore those neon kitty cat pjs!! Such a cute with those sweet curls.


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