Friday, October 31, 2014

Baby Sunshine: Week 25

Size: Baby Sunshine is about the size of a rutabaga, weighing a pound and a half.

Total Weight Gain: Official doctor weigh in is 21 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Yes. Yes. Gap had an awesome sale so I picked up another pair of full panel maternity jeans.

Gender: Surprise! We will find out in February.

Cravings: Sugar (thanks to Halloween candy) and baked goods.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions started a few weeks back, but have become more frequent. Nothing to be concerned about, but the doctor said to make sure I stay hydrated and take it easy when they are happening.

Movement: Pretty frequent. The little one also had hiccups a few times which is one of my favorite things.

Sleep: Not great this week. There was lots of tossing and turning, but only one night when I was up for an extended period.

Moment of the Week: I finally had my first dream about the gender of the baby. Hearing the heartbeat (in the 130s) - that sound never gets old! A sweet friend also took some family pictures of us at the park.

What I Miss: Sneezing without crossing my legs :)

What I'm Looking Forward to: Halloween festivities today and starting to clear out some of our junk to make room for baby.

Big Sister: Sophia has been very attentive to Baby Sunshine this week. She has been cuddling, asking to lay on me, and planting random kisses on my belly. Sharing with Baby Sunshine has also become one of her new favorite things.

Looking Back: This week seems a lot like when I was pregnant with Sophia. My personal goal is to stay around the same weight gain that I had previously. So far so good.
And in case you were wondering where Sophia was in the top picture, she was being rather cooperative while I was trying to take pictures. Not a battle I was in the mood to fight.

 photo 350bd18c-51d0-4b18-95a4-836dd2da11f2_zps5720b10d.jpg

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