Friday, October 17, 2014

Baby Sunshine: Week 23

Size: The little one is about the size of a large mango and weighs about a pound.

Total Weight Gain: Eighteen pounds and counting.

Maternity Clothes:.Yes, even though I am trying to get a few last wears in of a few non-maternity items.

Gender: Surprise...we will find out in February!

Cravings: Chocolate, mainly because I bought Halloween candy that was not gluten free.

Symptoms: I have been having a sharp pain near my tailbone. The veins have not been bothering me much, but they are not pretty to look at. My sense of smell was also super sensitive this week.

Movement: Baby Sunshine moves all over and Dave was able to feel some of the somersaults this week.

Sleep: Not great. I have been waking up on my back throughout the night. I just can't seem to stay comfortable on my side.

Moment of the Week: We started narrowing down baby names. Our boy first name is set and we have a couple middle name choices. The girl first name that we love is rather popular so we are exploring other options. I also got a bag of maternity clothes from a sweet friend and I am so excited to have more variety in my wardrobe.

What I Miss: Carrying the toddler as much as she would like. Bending over is getting more difficult too.

What I'm Looking Forward to: A little over a week until we hear the heartbeat again. 

Big Sister: Every game we play has been including sisters and brothers this week. Sophia tried sitting on my belly a few times and when I told her she had to be careful about the baby, she offered to hold Baby Sunshine for me. She has also started talking about the baby in her belly more frequently.

Looking Back: When I was pregnant with Sophia, Dave had not felt any movement by this point. This little one is much more active than Sophia was.

 photo 350bd18c-51d0-4b18-95a4-836dd2da11f2_zps5720b10d.jpg

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