Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm taking a break from unpacking to link up with A. Liz Adventures and the ladies for another Five on Friday!


I am not as far along with unpacking as I would like to be. Sophia has been sick (but is MUCH better today) and it has been a little harder than I expected to get much done while she is awake.
Taking notes at the doctor.
The air conditioning unit is not working at the house, causing me to be a bit unmotivated and HOT.
Also, although the rental house is much larger than our previous house, storage is lacking. The kitchen is causing me a little stress. There is literally no cabinet storage. There is a pantry, but since Dave is a chef, we have way too much kitchen equipment. We're going to have to be a little creative to make it all work.


The pups are getting used to their new surroundings. Kona has explored every inch of the house. Hunter is showing how much of a scared-y pup he is. The floor is creaky and he wouldn't move after getting all four legs on the wood floor. Luckily for him the kitchen has a raised laminate floor that he feels safe on. Hopefully things get easier for him soon.


After a huge run-around with our internet provider we finally got our wireless hooked up yesterday. I complained about the customer service we were given and got our price knocked down ten dollars a month. I don't usually take the time to comment on poor service, but this time it was well deserved (and will save me $120 this year!).


The mosquitoes in our backyard are awful! We are waiting to fence the yard and this morning when I took the dogs out, I came back in with eight new bites. I hate to spray myself with bug repellent each time I take the dogs out. I've been doing a little googling to find out natural ways to repel mosquitoes and am hoping to plant catnip, marigolds, bee balm, and citronella in the yard.


Sophia and I have been enjoying our huge front porch. Every morning Sophia eats her breakfast outside and watches the neighbors and construction on our street.
Have a great weekend!
I need to take advantage of naptime and be productive!

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  1. Jen, I love your five! I'm incredibly jealous to hear about all of Dave's cookware because it's completely opposite in our little family -- my husband is like "did you seriously just buy more kitchen appliances?!" Haha!

    Kudos to you on saving your family $120 this year ... sounds like an extra day of vacation to me!


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