Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

Hooray for Friday! I'm linking up with April and the ladies for another Five on Friday.
Cheers to the weekend!


I LOVE avocados but I have never made guacamole before. That is about to change. Every Friday Whole Foods has a one day deal and today it is avocados! The perfect excuse to make homemade guacamole.

I think I will be using Alton Brown's recipe.



We have lived in Ohio for a little over a month and I just found out that our rental house is not in Cincinnati. We are living in Norwood, which is one of three enclaves which is surrounded on all sides by Cincinnati. I thought it was just one of the neighborhoods within Cincinnati. My neighbor told me since we are new here it is okay to say I live in Cincinnati :)


I am not a huge sports fan, but I am married to a huge football fan so I try to do my part. Being from the Philadelphia area that means we are EAGLES fans.
HBO does a 'Hard Knocks' show about the training camp of a team, which this year is the Cincinnati Bengals. I am not so much interested in just the football aspect of it, but I am watching this season for a few reasons: we live in Cincinnati (sort of), I'd like to know what the players look like, and it might let me have a little football knowledge for conversations with the husband.
I love the random conversations that the players have. One thing that I found interesting was that the quarterback, Andy Dalton, wears a rubber wedding ring at practice.


Unpacking is still going slower than I would like. But progress continues to be made. I am just wondering how much longer I will be finding these lovely tags.


We are in the midst of a teething nightmare in our house. She is uncomfortable so that has caused quite a few meltdowns.
Keeping busy has been a great distraction!
Our first visit to see Daddy at work.
My little toddler in a tiara.
Screaming happened when we took it off.


  1. Hilarious about not knowing you actually lived in a suburb of Cincinnati! LOL

  2. I love Hard Knocks!!! That's one of mine and Trav's fav shows to watch together!! :)


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