Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday

I am linking up for another Five on Friday with A. Liz Adventures.
Happy weekend!


We get the keys to our rental house today!!!
I am thrilled to get into the space and make it our own, but at the same time I'm sad to leave the hotel.
It has been wonderful to have breakfast for the little made every day by someone other than me.
Dinner has been provided three nights a week.
It's been great for the budget (and my sanity).
I guess our vacation is over :)
{If you have pets and need a place to stay with them in Cincinnati, I completely recommend the Residence Inn by Marriott. The staff is amazing and have made us feel right at home.}


Is it really AUGUST?!?
I'm in shock over this.
Part of me wonders what happened to the summer.
The other part is wondering how I am going to react when school starts up.
I now fall into that category of SAHM, and I am thrilled to get this amazing opportunity with Sophia.
{I am also getting my Ohio teaching license and looking into educational opportunities for both of us.}


Since we are now living off of one income, I am trying to create a budget...something I have never been able to stick to before. Thank goodness for Southern Savers and Totally Target to help me get the best grocery deals.
The biggest frustration I am dealing with is that our bank doesn't currently exist in Ohio and the closest one is an hour and a half from here. We rarely use a branch since most of our transactions are done online, but it is nice to have the convenience of a bank.


I need cooking lessons.
There is a reason I married a chef.
Shame that on the rare nights he is home for dinner he doesn't want to cook - and I don't blame him.


I have been reading a lot about potty training this week.
We are just going to keep in simple when we start the process.
Sophia is not completely ready yet (and neither am I) although she is very interested in sitting on her little potty.

If you have any tips or tricks, I'd love to hear them!


  1. I've wondered the same thing! Where in the world did the summer go? It sounds like you've had some big changes recently! Hope things continue to go smoothly and good luck with the potty training! I like your laid back approach :)

  2. This year has gone by SO fast. I almost hit panic mode because it felt like August was here SO FAST and the summer is almost gone! I'm so excited for Fall though, so that's ok ;)


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