Sunday, August 11, 2013

A weekend of unpacking

...or maybe this should be titled a weekend of trying to unpack.

The motivation is just not there. I have been spoiled by air conditioning. The a/c unit at our rental is not working and the lovely heat and humidity is hindering my progress. Fortunately there is a window unit on the third floor so we are sleeping up there very comfortably. Unfortunately there is nothing to unpack on the third floor.
If you look close, it is a family picture...can you see me?
Dave had most of Sunday off and we were thrilled to spend time with him. Sophia has missed her Dada.
(I think he worked 88 hours last week!)

Here are a few pictures from Sunday (first time I have taken out the camera since we moved in the house).
Sweaty from playing inside.
Pizza boxes from dinner.
Little one chowing down.
What type of flower is this?
We went next door to play with the neighbor and Sophia proceeded to use all of his toys and wear his helmet.
He was very gracious to share them all (practicing to be a big brother next month!).

Time to be a little more productive before the weekend is over!

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  1. Looks like it might be a hollyhock if the flowers are on stalks.


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