Monday, August 12, 2013

A Cure for the Crankies

Sophia is still not feeling 100% and with teeth coming in, she is not very happy right now.
Today she took two naps and was still miserable in the afternoon.
We took a trip to Washington Park to spend some time at the splash park.
As soon as Sophia saw the water she was off and running.
She didn't spend too much time in the fountains, but she loved playing with the water.
Taking it all in.
Washing her face.
My little gymnast...look at those moves!
Before and after. The left is when we first arrived.
Once she warmed up, she was trying to get the attention of everyone.


  1. Sophia is too cute! Water always seems to cure our Sofia's crankies ;) Hot baths and pools do wonders!

    Instagram: megawat


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