Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thirteen Weeks

This week was the first week I was back to work so there were some challenging days. I did not cry much until Thursday night. Sophia does great with bottles but after four bottles during the day she is having a little trouble latching on when she is nursing at night. That, coupled with some long days at school, led me to have my own little boohoo fest. I am sure I will have a few more before school is out. But thankfully that won't be very far off.
Sophia gets worn out when she is at Lorena's and ends up coming home and taking a long nap. Fortunately she is still sleeping through the night. I am thankful for all of the amazing care that Lorena gives to Sophia. She is in wonderful hands while she is there.
Dave has been taking weekdays off so he can spend two days a week with Sophia. It is so nice to have him home at night after long day with my students.

On Friday we had a short visit with Kristen and Tori. Kristen is going to watch Sophia for a few hours while Lorena is out of town this week. I am so thankful that she is able to help us out.

We got a new white noise machine. I love her cloudb giraffe, but it does not have a continuous play option and turns off after 45 minutes. Her naps have only been as long as the white noise lasted. The new machine has helped her to stretch out her naps.
Sophia got a new toy this week that I am obssessed with. It is called an Oball. I love that she can hold it and move it all around. It is also the first toy that she is able to pull towards her mouth.

She is still a champ at rolling from her tummy to back. I am pretty sure she will soon be rolling over from her back to tummy. The top half of her body is ready, she just needs to figure out the bottom half. She scoots and spins around during tummy time now. None of it is purposeful, but she has some strong legs that push her along.
We had no plans for the Memorial Day weekend and Dave had to work. I was just thrilled that I could spend three days with my little bean. I missed her so much! She may have been held and snuggled a little too much, but I could not help myself!

There were not many pictures taken this week. :(
Hard to see in this picture but she makes the cutest pouty face.

Taking a snooze while Hunter made new friends at PetSmart.

Reading our favorite book...my favorite line "Is it for emailing?"

Checking out Hop on Pop.

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  1. What a cutie....she is geting big! I'm glad you don't have many days left at school I could not imagine leaving Harper, that's why I didn't! HA

    I think your memorial plans were just perfect hanging with that cutie!

    p.s I never told you my poop cleaning---- 1)take it off immediately and rinse in cold water. Then I put spray n was all over it, and scrub with an old tooth brush. Finally I let it soak in the wash for about 30 minutes then run the wash. Thus far I have not had any poop stain thank the lord! Hope that helps...


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