Monday, May 28, 2012

Three Months

You are three months old today (May 28, 2012).
We do not have a doctor's appointment this month so I am not sure of your exact size, but you weigh a little more than ten pounds.
 You are wearing size one diapers.
You wear 0-3 month clothing and you are getting ready to wear 3-6 month clothing - things are starting to get tight!
You eat every 2.5-3 hours during the day. When you take bottles you suck down 5 ounces. You are a great eater, but need to work on breathing while you are drinking your bottle.
You sleep through the night. Most nights bedtime starts at ten and you usually wake up around 6:30.
Your routine is consistent - which is good since Mommy is back at work for a few weeks. You are very adaptable during the week. You have been spending three days a week with Miss Lorena and two days a week with Daddy. Weekends are spent with Mommy.
You are making the best faces this month. The smiles come very easy now and you have some great inquisitive expressions. You have the best pouty lip when you are upset.
At the very beginning of the month you started rolling over from your front to your back and I was lucky enough to catch the first time on video. You roll over most times you do tummy time unless you are fussy. Your grip has improved tremendously and you are holding onto everything!
Rolling over during our photo shoot!
You have not been as fussy this month and have developed a very mild cry when you need something. Screaming tends to happen most often when I change your diaper before you eat. You hate to wait when you are hungry - just like your momma.
We usually offer you a pacifier when you are fussy but there are some times that you don't want it. You have started putting your whole fist in your hand and sucking on it, which does not always work.
You have been sleeping in your crib in your own room. Sometimes you take a nap with Daddy or Mommy on the couch.
You have just started to realize that we have dogs. Before you were oblivious to their barking and you made funny faces when they sniffed at your head or gave you kisses. Now you jump and cry when they bark and startle you. You have also begun to look at them when they are near you.
We are obsessed with you and love watching you grow and change. You have brought so much joy to our lives!
Your monthly comparison (forgot to zoom in, whoops!):

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