Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twelve Weeks

Sophia has been showing off her skills at rolling over this week. Her drooling has also ramped up tremendously.
Crazy looking picture but it shows her slobbery face and drool-soaked onesie.
We made the trip to my school to meet my students and colleagues. Sophia was wide-eyed the whole time we were there. I think it was the hardest drive I have taken...and she was in the car with me!

We took another hike with Dave sporting Sophia in the baby bjorn - it was a much easier trip for me since I had Hunter to pull me along.
On one of the fishing piers at McDowell Nature Preserve.
On Friday night we enjoyed our first dinner with friends who are parents of twin boys. We had a great time catching up and chatting about the little ones. Of course I did not take a picture, but it was a great time.

She has spent the past week smothered by my kisses and snuggles. I felt the need to overdo it since I headed back to work on Monday.

Pictures from the week:
Sitting on Hunter.
As soon as we get a saddle Sophie can ride her very own horse.

Ready to go on our hike.
Swaddled and getting ready for naptime.

Love that tongue!

Chunky cheeks.

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