Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eleven Weeks

This week went by too quickly!

We celebrated Dave's birthday with some time uptown. He had the day off, but had to go in for a meeting. While he was at the restaurant Sophia and I wandered around. When we met back up with Dave we ate lunch at Rooster's. I was impressed that they created a gluten free menu since the last time we had eaten there.
Dave checking Eagles news on his phone while Sophia eats.
After we ate and stopped by a pub so Dave could get a birthday brew, we wandered to The Green so that Sophia could eat. The green is this fun little oasis uptown. I took a bunch of pictures, but the sunlight and shade made for some funny shots.

I also got to celebrate my first Mother's Day! The best part of the day was just spending time with Dave and Sophie. I love being a mommy! We hiked the McDowell Nature Preserve. It was our first hike since the early part of my pregnancy and I realized how out of shape I am.
Attempting a self portrait.
Sophia met two of my favorite ladies. We made a trip to my former school so Sophia could finally meet Carole and Laura - two amazing women I used to teach with.
She mastered rolling on her side this week. She has been doing it for quite awhile, but it seems like every time I put her down she ended up on her side.

I also ~finally~ got birth announcements sent out...eight weeks after the picture was taken.

A few pictures from the week:
Kona sticking close during a thunderstorm.
She cannot keep her tongue in her mouth!

Who needs a thumb when you have a wrist?
Baby booty in the air.

What are you looking at?!?

Snoozing on her side.

After bath snuggles.
Adding a few more details to the nursery.

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