Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nine Weeks

Love this expression!
Overall it was a low key week. We had our second playdate with Ashley and David and I forgot to take a picture...again.
We went to visit Daddy at work, but I did not take out the camera. It was right before dinner service, but Sophia had a great time meeting everyone.
Our big adventure of the week was taking a baby, stroller, and two big dogs to Petsmart. It was our first trip with the whole family in a little car. I got quite a kick out of the fact that no one asked about the baby, but everyone wanted to know about Hunter.
A very full Fit.
The biggest challenge this week has been cradle cap. It started out as a small patch on the back of her head, and quickly overtook Sophia's whole scalp and eyebrows. We've been battling the flakes with olive oil and a brush. I even used Head and Shoulders, which helped, but didn't eliminate the problem.
Sophia is still sleeping great at night, but I am hoping bedtime will happen before midnight soon.

Here are some pictures from this week (sorry for complete picture overload...and funky spacing):
Tummy time with Kona.
What a happy baby!

Hanging out with Daddy.
Big smile!
Watching t.v.
Don't worry - I don't let her watch long.
Mommy's favorite picture taking time - tummy time!
Hooray for warm weather!
Love her in blue.
When you can't get your thumb in your mouth, just suck on your arm...ha!
Doctor's visit - 9 pounds 13 ounces.
Running errands - MUCH harder with a little one in tow.
She loves reading books.

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