Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ten Weeks

This week Sophia met the lovely lady who is going to care for her while I am back at work. She seemed right at home but I still shed tears over it.
Sophia got to Skype with Grandpop and Nana again. Technology definitely makes distance easier.

Cradle cap has improved but has still not disappeared yet. Her hair seems darker, but that may be from all of the baby oil massages I have been giving her scalp.

Sophia is officially sleeping in her crib in her own room. I cried over that too. We need to get a new baby monitor though. I did not try to use it before moving her into her own room. The handset does not keep a charge, which I can deal with by having it sit in the charger. The camera makes a buzzing noise at the outlet when it is plugged in (not safe in my opinion) and when I use batteries in the camera they only last three hours. Hopefully I am able to exchange it.

We got a new carrier for Dave to use. I love the moby wrap when I am at home, but it can get a little sweaty and does not offer much head support for my wiggly little thing. Dave tried out the baby bjorn and liked it. I've worn it a few times but find the moby wrap more comfortable.

Sophia looking up at mommy in the Moby wrap while being very fussy.

Hanging out in the Baby Bjorn.
I finally got around to getting birth announcements together. I wanted to use a pose from her photography session and they took a little longer than expected to get back so I am using that as my excuse (not the fact that I waited three weeks once I had the pictures). I will share once I have mailed them. Wonder how long that will take...

Pictures from the week:
Taking a snooze at Five Guys while waiting for fries.

Waiting to get wood cut at Home Depot after a blow out and change of clothes.

Having a rough day :/

Breaking out of her swaddle.
Stretching out after naptime.

All smiles.

Sucking on her wrist instead of the pacifier.
This was another night where she went to bed at midnight after taking a nap at 9pm.
Fine when I don't have to work, but not so fun when I return.

She LOVES her mobile on her swing and follows the birds as they move around.

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  1. Wow I am so impressed with you moving her to her crib! Harper just moved out LAST NIGHT!!! At 16 weeks....and I was sad too. It's hard to move them, but you kicked it was sooner than me. She is so cute, love all the pictures.


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