Friday, June 1, 2012

Uninvited Guest

We did not have plans for Memorial Day and Dave had to work so Sophia and I celebrated at home.

I had just finished feeding Sophia and let the dogs out to take care of their business. A few minutes later I heard a ridiculous amount of barking coming from the backyard. My dogs are fools and bark at almost anything that moves outside. I peeked out the window and saw both of the pups barking at something under the hammock. Not a squirrel, since they are smart enough to stay up in the tree. I thought maybe it was a turtle since we have seen them in the yard before. I step out onto the deck to check it out and see this creature...
Yes, that is a huge snake.
I call for the dogs to come in and Kona decides to come right in. Smart dog. Hunter, on the other hand, is a fool and continues to bark....
 ...and bark...
 ...and bark at the snake.
 The snake decides to slither away to a quieter place.
This long snake (much longer than my leg) heads for the viney-weedy area in the back corner of our yard.
 And instead of coming inside, Hunter decides to seek out the snakes hiding spot.
 He stepped right on him in the process.
Hunter finally came in when one of our neighbors decided to set off little popper fireworks. He is not a fan of loud noises.

I'm hoping the snake found a nice new home far away from our yard.

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