Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sixteen Weeks

This has been one of the best weeks so far! Sophia is able to interact so much more now. She is becoming much more aware of her surroundings. She smiles, has "conversations", takes toys from us...I love it all. I am also treasuring our time together. This summer is going to pass by so quickly!
"Talking" to Mommy in the hammock.
We had a playdate with Ashley and David and I was so proud of myself for remembering to take pictures this time! Usually David is napping during our visits, but we went over while he was awake. David is a year older than Sophia and all boy! He is such a bundle of energy and so bright. I loved the look on his face when I was nursing Sophia and she was under my drape. He was so curious as to where she went.

Checking each other out.
David was not a fan of Sophia sitting in his bumbo.
As soon as I took her out he squeezed himself back in.
The dogs are more interested in her, but still keep their distance. Kona has been wandering into her room to check on her more often while she is sleeping. On a rainy day, Hunter chose her room as his hiding spot while she was napping. They both like to lick her feet and Kona tries to help out when she has a dirty diaper.

I finally saw her roll over again. She has not been showing off that trick at home recently, but decided to make me happy and flip flop on her blanket a few times.

She discovered her feet this week which I think is adorable. I had the hardest time taking pictures of it since she moves so much.
Sophia has been showing how flexible she is with her schedule. We have been out and about and she has had a great temperament. We still do not have a set schedule and I am okay with that. I try to make sure I am home in the afternoon so she can nap in her crib, but other than that we just go with the flow.
Napping at the Farmer's Market.

Sleeping in her crib.
A few more pictures from the week:
Swinging in the hammock.
Showing off her belly button.
She is constantly putting the bottoms of her feet together and folding her toes over.
Checking out the trees on our walk.

All smiles :)

Loving the bumbo!

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