Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fifteen Weeks

Another short post this week.

Our little lady is 15 weeks old! I survived my last week of work and just have a few workdays until Sophia gets to be my whole world again.

She has not been enjoying tummy time this week. I thought she might be sick since she was fussy, sleepy and had an upset tummy, but I think she is beginning teething. The drooling is crazy and she is chewing on anything that ends up near her mouth. There are no little white bumps yet, but I think they may be there soon.

She spent a half hour chewing on my finger.
I went out to buy teethers immediately afterwards!
Sophia is grabbing onto everything...toys, clothes, hair...but she is not pulling hard yet. I see lots of ponytails in my future. She is also talking up a storm. We coo back at her and have the cutest conversations.

Sophia has had some fun days with her Daddy. I love watching the two of them interact. He really treasures their mornings together.

Just a few more pictures from the week:
Still love the tongue.

First solo walk with Hunter and the stroller.
He only got himself run over a few times.
She smiles all.the.time. They come easily!
Conked out!

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  1. Wow so cute! I still sometimes run Winston over when we walk. You would think they would learn...ha. How fun you are almost done with work whoo whoo


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