Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twenty-two Weeks

Still loving her feet!
We spent an afternoon catching up with Lorena and her family. Sophia had a blast watching Carrick pretend to be a dog and do tricks. Layla and Chloe just kept telling me how cute she is. Sophia is starting to get a bit of stranger-phobia so I am glad we were able to visit. Sophia will be one of two little ones at the beginning of the year so I know she is going to be SPOILED with all of the attention she will get.
We borrowed The Little Mermaid from Lorena and Sophia chewed away on her teether while she watched a bit.
Dave got called into work on his only day off this week. I was at a doctor's appointment so Sophia got to spend a few hours at the restaurant with him. Dave sent me a text of her 'helping' answer the phone, but I can't figure out how to get the text off of my phone. Everyone commented on how good she was and how she grips everything with her feet.

Sophia turned five months.
Look Ma! My belly is almost up!

She was obsessed with the light coming through the window.
We had some hot days again this week so most of our time was spent at home. I spent most of my time getting our house clean and clutter free and Sophia spent a lot of time playing with toys.
I started donation bags and one of these mutts decided to rip the bags apart and scatter things everywhere.
She spent a lot of time reaching for the dangling toys - before she would just roll right over onto her belly.
My mom flew in to Charlotte and we greeted her at the airport. Looking forward to our visit!

Hanging out at baggage claim.
Here are a few more pictures from the week:
Still no sign of teeth, but loving the teethers.

More pictures, really?
Loves her red cup during bath time!
Our local Target needs to carry the Eagles version of this!
Kona is OBSESSED with checking in on Sophie while she naps.
She loved the crinkly noise this bag made.
Unfortunately we returned the 'gluten free' pasta since it was made in the same facility with wheat products.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Five Months

You are five months old today (July 28, 2012).
I am not sure how much you weigh since we do not have a doctor's appointment this month, but you are still a little peanut.
We are on your last few size one diapers before you move up to size two.
You are wearing 3-6 months clothes.
You are eating every 2.5-4 hours. Some days you seem to be hungrier than others. Sometimes we do a bedtime bottle. You do a great job of holding the bottle, but need help aiming for your mouth and tilting the bottle up.
You sleep through the night - usually ten to twelve hours. If you wake up in the middle of the night I usually let you settle yourself back to sleep.
We still do not have a set schedule but you continue to be very flexible with your routine.
You smile all the time and usually stick your tongue out while smiling. You love to look in the mirror at your "friend" and smile as soon as you see your reflection.
You love to play and do an amazing job on both your back and your tummy. You also do a great job of sitting with support.
You are such a good baby and everyone comments on what an angel you are. You love to be outside, especially under the trees.
You stopped using a pacifier on your own this month. You have not developed a preference on your thumbs or fingers, but you love to suck on your right big toe.
The dogs still hold your interest. You are not very fazed when they bark. Kona has become your little protector and frequently checks in on you while you are sleeping.
We love every minute with you!
Your monthly comparison:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Twenty-one Weeks

Sophie had her first experience at a story time. She was so good but it was not quite what I expected. We went with Kristen and Tori expecting a play but got an interactive read aloud and saw some live nocturnal animals. Sophia lasted longer than Tori but we did not stay for the whole presentation.
Sitting on Mommy's lap during storytime being very busy!
We Skyped for the first time with Dave's parents. Nanny and Pap Pap got quite a kick out of seeing Sophia 'live' even though they were in Pennsylvania.
Checking out Nanny and Pap Pap on the computer.
Sophia attended her first costume party, of sorts. We attended a Mustache Bash and she wore her mustache onesie that I made.
What a mess - bubbles in mouth and unsnapped!
It has been too hot to do much outside so besides a trip to IKEA the only times we have been out are for early morning errands.

Not sure about getting strapped in to her carseat.
Here are a few more pictures from this week:
Drooling up a storm and soaking through her bib.
Modeling some of the flower headbands I made.

Happy on her playmat.

Perfecting toe sucking.
Watch the video if you have not already done so!
We had a little photo shoot.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mustache Bash

Love the mustache, but pardon my appearance. Just wanted to try out my mustache-on-a-stick.
This was before I got ready (but I did not take any pictures after I got ready).
We were invited to a surprise 30th birthday party for Cassidy's husband. Cassidy is the nurse where I teach and we were pregnant at the same time. I had never met Dan prior to the party but I was looking forward to celebrating with them. I knew Dave would have to work but made props for Sophia and myself. I found a mustache template online and used it to make onesies for Sophia and a mustache-on-a-stick for me. I made two onesies just in case Sophia decided to have an out of diaper experience.

Want to make your very own mustache t-shirt (or any other diy iron-on)? Follow the very simple directions on this site. Since I knew Sophia most likely would only be wearing her 'stache onesie to this party I did not stitch around the edge, but by the end of the night the tips of the mustache were starting to pop up, so make sure you sew your creation if you plan on wearing it more than once.

We almost didn't make it to the party because the air conditioning at our house decided to stop working. Fortunately, a technician was able to come to the house and we got to Bash an hour after I had originally planned to be there. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera and my phone was just about dead so I did not get any pictures of her cute house and decorations, but found some internet inspiration if you want to throw your very own Mustache Bash.

Mustache Bash / Little Man Invitation Printable for Baby Shower / Birthday Parties
Mustache Party Banner

The night ended with an outdoor movie and a popcorn bar.
We had a great time!

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Trick

Sophia has never been much of a thumb sucker. She will suck on her thumb or several fingers when she is tired, but not always.

Her new trick is to suck on her toes. She just started doing it the other day but now almost every time she is able to get her leg up, her toes are in her mouth. I find it hilarious. I hope you do too.

Now if I only knew how to turn the video...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photo Obsessed

I am kind of obsessed with taking pictures of my little lady. I'm not the best photographer, but I have the best subject to practice on. Unfortunately I do not have a fancy camera, just a little Cannon Powershot that I love. However I take most of my pictures with my phone. It is usually right next to me so I use it. The picture quality stinks when you print out pictures! They are fine to view on the phone, email, and look at on the computer - but not to print. I am making an effort to take more pictures with the camera.

Instagram is by far my favorite social media because it is all about the pictures. I am very visual and random pictures make me happy. I also love square pictures. Of course, most of my pictures are of Sophia. Some of my favorites:

I just recently discovered PicMonkey. I do not do any editing before I put pictures on the blog. I know I should but even though it is summer I am busy and editing takes a long time. PicMonkey has editing tools (that I do not use) but they are fun to play with. You can crop, add text and borders, change contrast and colors, touch up make-up...you get it. I like frames around pictures so I did a picture of Sophia just for fun.

My favorite PicMonkey feature is the collage. There are so many options and you can create your own formats as well. I discovered it when I was doing our Pennsylvania Vacation posts here and here and it let me include more pictures without making the posts be ridiculously long. Now I want to do collages of EVERYTHING. It is an obsession, but it lets me share a little more.

I found a blog (younghouselove) with a neat idea that a couple used for taking pictures for the first year of life. They used different fabric as a background, took weekly pictures, and then turned the fabric into a quilt, among other things. Love the idea but I won't be making a quilt without a sewing machine. I like having an easy backdrop. It inspired me to get fabric. I only got one piece so far - purple (probably not the best color choice, but I love purple!). I am working finding the best place to use it in the house. We don't have a lot of wall space that gets good natural light so I am limited where I can use it, but I am having fun setting up little photo sessions.
What other fun photo things should I discover next?