Monday, February 13, 2017

t w o {emma layne}

There is a lot that I have to catch up on in this little space, but that can wait for another day. Today I am popping in with a little birthday post for our sweet Emma Layne. I can't believe you are two!
Dear Emma Layne,

Last week on February 6, 2017, you turned two!

You weigh 25 pounds (18th %ile) and are 33 inches tall (35th %ile). Your stats dropped a bit from your last well visit, so we are going to try and get you to add little more weight. You have light brown hair with a little curl and hazel eyes.

Although you have used the toilet, you prefer diapers. We won't be jumping into potty training any time soon, but we do try to get you to sit on the toilet on occasion. You are wearing size four in disposables and also wear cloth diapers during the day. You are wearing clothing ranging from 2T-3T depending on the brand (and how they fit over your head). You love dresses with pockets, tutus, fancy shoes, and any of your big sister's clothes that you get ahold of.
You have gotten pickier in your food choices, but continue to be a good eater overall. Yogurt, peanut butter, pancakes, chicken, and ice cream are some of your favorites. We had started to cut back on nursing and start the weaning process...and then you got sick. You nurse three or four times during the day, but we have cut out nighttime nursing entirely.

Sleep has mostly improved. You take an afternoon nap that lasts anywhere from one to three hours. You have been sharing a room with your sister since December and typically sleep between ten and twelve hours at night. You wake frequently, but can usually get yourself back to sleep without help. Most mornings you are usually my alarm clock, typically waking up for the day before six am.
You are quite the little chatterbox and have a lot to say! My favorite thing you say is "yay" after you get something that you are excited about. You recently started stringing three words together, you love to tell stories, and you sing all the time. You love to count and can get up to ten with a little support. You love to sing the "abc's" and point them out when we are reading.

You have little interest in the television, but you pay a bit of attention to some of the movies and shows that Sophia watches, especially if music is involved. You love to read books and have them read to you. You have a pretty good attention span for books, since we read longer stories for Sophia. Your favorite toys are blocks, babies, barbies and their shoes, puzzles, and trains. You are still a huge fan of the pacifier, but we try to keep it confined to your bed. Teething and sickness have made that a little more difficult recently. You also love snuggling on your bunny.
You adore your sister, who is always 'Sophie Mae' to you, and try to be just like her. We are working on making sure Sophia sets the best example for you.

Baby Sunshine, we love you right up to the moon and back! You have made the past two years so entertaining, We can't wait to see what the future holds for you.
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Flashback

Halloween is a bit of an obsession in our house. we are just a bit excited to celebrate tomorrow. Here is a look back at the costumes from previous years...
Here's hoping that we can get away with family costumes for a long time.