Thursday, February 28, 2013

Twelve Months

This post has been sitting in my draft folder. The pictures were taken when Sophia was 13 months. I am publishing it and will tuck in into place in 2013 where it belongs. Published 2/16/16.

You are TWELVE MONTHS OLD today (February 28, 2013).
You weigh 18 pounds, 5 oz. (50th %ile)
You are 29 inches long. (10th %ile)
Your head circumference is 44.5 cm. (25th %ile)
You wear size 3 diapers and clothes ranging from 9 months - 12 months.
You have four teeth and lots of drool. More teeth are on their way but none have made an appearance yet.
You love food - you stuff yourself full at your new school and are not very hungry when you get home at night. Your afternoon snack at school is a little close to your dinner time at home. I discovered that you are lazy and spoiled and cannot drink from a bottle or sippy cup on your own, We nurse on the weekend at home and I offer you water from a sippy cup. You take a few sips but I do not expect you to finish the whole amount. You always leave a little milk behind now when you are at school. As soon as I pick you up from school, you want to nurse. Your teachers always comment on what a good eater you are, I just wish you would drink your milk too!
You sleep great for bedtime, but you have a hard time napping at school. If there are any noises during naptime they wake you up easily.
You had your first sickness this month. You have been congested before, but this month you developed a cold with an icky cough, fever, and your first ear infection. You were quite a fan of the bubblegum flavored medicine that the doctor gave you.
This month you officially became a walker. Grandmom came to visit and I think that was the incentive you needed to stay on your feet and not crawl everywhere. You are a silly little mover as you are not quite sure where to put your hands when you are moving.
You have become more verbal but do not have a large vocabulary yet. Lots of babbling but not a whole lot of words. You can say "mama" "dada" "uh-oh" and "hi". We are working on sign language still but you are not very consistent. I can get you to do "more" and "all done" when prompted, but you do not sign very often on your own. You understand most of what we ask you to do, but are still very independent.
You are growing and changing so much and way too fast! I can't believe you have blessed our lives for a year already! It seems like I was just meeting you for the first time at the hospital.