Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Six Months

You are six months old today (August 28, 2012).
Here are your stats:
Weight 14lbs 2.2oz (10%)
Length 25.75 inches (25-50%)
Head 42cm (25-50%)
You wear size two diapers.
You wear 3-6 and 6-12 month clothes. You are still able to wear some of your 0-3 month dresses. Thank goodness for being a little girl!
You starting eating solids this month. We started with rice cereal and you have eaten pears, sweet potatoes, prunes, and butternut squash. You love to eat! You nurse or take a bottle every 3 hours. You drink seven ounces at time from a bottle. You can drink from a sippy cup but need assistance. You also like to drink from a regular cup.
You sleep through the night. Now that Mommy is back at work you get woken up in the morning to go to Ms. Lorena's. You sleep at least ten hours but have gone as long as fourteen when you get to sleep in.
You have no formal schedule but you are very flexible and easy going.
You are a very happy little lady. You are very social and play shy when we are out in public. You smile at strangers, but turn your head and try to hide. You still are fascinated with the baby in the mirror.
You are a mover! You are not formally crawling yet, but you can get from one side of the room to the other pretty quick.
You smile whenever you see the dogs. They bark a lot and you may get a little wide-eyed but you are not fazed by how noisy they are. Kona still loves to check in on you and will go in your room to greet you when you wake up.
Out montly photo shoots have gotten a little challenging since you are interested in everything around you.
You have changed our lives in so many ways. We can't believe you are already six months old! We are looking forward to all the fun that is to come!

Here are your monthly comparisons for the past six months:

Still can't believe six months has passed already.
February 28, 2012
Only a little late....posted 9-21-12. Got it in before she turned seven months old at least :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twenty-five weeks

School is back...for the teachers anyway. I have been busy with trainings, planning, and setting up a classroom. Sophia loves spending time with her Daddy and Lorena but we are missing our days together. Thank goodness for weekends!
The almost-before picture. Forgot to take an after picture.
We had a playdate with Kristen and Tori. Sophia loved Tori's toys (although Tori was a little hesitant to share some of her favorites). Sophia showed off her scooting, sitting, and smiles.

Food continues to go well. She is doing great with her rice cereal and has tried pears and sweet potatoes. We decided to make her food for now. I can't get over how expensive those little jars of food are! I know once school is in full-swing I am not going to have the time or energy to whip up most purees, but I like doing it when I can.
Enjoying her pears.
She liked her sweets, but I loved this picture.

Her ability to sit up is improving. She sits up nice and straight when she is on your lap or the couch, but I still prop her up when she is on the floor. She has a bad habit of leaning forward and smashing her face...ouch!
All smiles.
Waking up happy from a nap.
She loves being outside but her body language makes it seem like she was NOT enjoying this walk.
Attempting a self portrait at the park.
Posted on 9/7/12 but technology makes it look like I posted in a much more timely manner :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twenty-four weeks

Happy little lady.
I had my first day back at school - one day for planning. Our workdays don't start until the 16th. Sophia spent the day with her Daddy. Now that it is almost time to return to school I have had a few teary moments. Sophia is just so fun at this stage and I am going to miss being totally immersed with her. I LOVE Lorena and that makes the transition back to work easier, but I still wish I was able to be home more.

The highlight of the week was trying out some rice cereal. It was a big hit (most days anyway)!
And yes, I was a little obsessed with bows during mealtime.
She is perfecting her backwards scoot. Poor thing is going to end up with some rug burns soon. It is a gradual process, but she's moving!

She loves to find her way under things.
No crawling yet but she can get up on all fours!
We spent a few hours with Ashley and David. We had such a nice time visiting and catching up but no pictures were taken. David has grown so much since our last visit. He did a great job sharing his toys with Sophia and she loved watching him push his lawn mower.

Sophia and I spent a lot of time running errands this week. I took advantage of some sales and got new clothes for school. Harris Teeter has super doubles this week (they double coupons up to $2) and there were some deals I could not resist. I love getting free items at the market!
Sophia conked out after stopping at several stores.
The dogs are interacting with Sophia more. For the most part Hunter still keeps his distance unless he wants attention from us. Kona tolerates Sophia touching him to a point and just moves when he has had enough.

Just because she's cute here is a quick video of my little bean. She was quite cranky but spent the day obsessed with Kona. She is in her swing watching Kona play with a ball. The video is shaky when I throw the ball for him. Up until this point, she was only giggling when tickled. LOVE that she can giggle on her own. Sorry - I still didn't figure out how to turn videos.
A couple more pictures from the week:

Last size 1 diaper!!
She is splashing way too much to be up on the counter, but I can't bear to take her away from her bath time playmate.
Practicing the forward lean...also known as sitting!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Food tastes good!

After a little bit of hassle with Babies R Us we finally have a working high chair! I opened the one I got at the baby shower and it was defective. Since it was past the 90 days it was a huge ordeal even though one of the straps could not be adjusted...but we have one we can use now.
We have a space saver one that attaches to a chair. When she outgrows the tray it has a booster seat for the table. So far I like it!

We wanted to introduce food together and Dave is working so much that we had to wait until his day off. I let Sophia sit in the chair...
play with a spoon...
and try out water in a sippy cup.
Sorry for the collage overload. I discovered the 'continuous' option on the camera where you just press the button and it keeps taking pics. :)

Wednesday evening we tried out rice cereal. The first bite ended up in her hand.

Dave didn't ler her get too messy.
This is the only sloppy shot I got.

She emptied the bowl and decided to clean off her bib.
We will continue to practice eating cereal this week and start on fruits and veggies next week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Twenty-three Weeks

Loving bathtime at the kitchen sink.
We spent the week with Grandmom. I did a HORRIBLE job of taking pictures, but we had a great time. We checked out the local kids thrift shops, shopped, ate, relaxed, and obsessively watched the Olympics.
Lunch at Amelie's French Bakery in NoDa.
Trying out our new bottles.
Not a fan of napping in her pack-n-play.
Dave and my Mom spent a day together so I could help out at the new GAP store. They went to the farmers market, shopped, and relaxed. I unloaded the truck full of merchandise for the new store.
The store naked except for fixtures.
Thursday night Mom watched Sophie so Dave and I could make a trip to the movies. We watched the new Batman movie. I never saw the second movie in the trilogy (oops!) but I liked this one. There were a few surprises too!
Waving goodbye to us on our way out the door.
While my mom was in town I gave in and fed Sophia during her middle of the night wakings. We are working on getting that back on track. I am a much more pleasant person when I get continuous sleep.

We caught up with Nana and Grandpop on Skype. So thankful for that technology. I love watching Sophia react and interact with them on the computer screen. Wish we lived closer!

Forgetting that it was Tax Free Weekend in NC we made a trip to the mall to see the beautiful new GAP store. It is SOOO PRETTY! I love that it carries all of the GAP merchandise - including maternity and body. I found the maternity clothes to be the most comfortable when I was pregnant. I am sure the designer clothes are comfortable too, but they were not in my budget.
GAP has its very own outdoor entrance (near Cheesecake Factory for those of you in Charlotte).
The inside-the-mall-view prior to opening day.

We may have brought this home with us.
Every princess needs a pink glitter tutu.
We had our first tutu photo shoot :)

Some more pictures from the week:
Sitting with support.
She usually ends up on her face when she reaches for a toy.
Grumpy baby and foolish mommy.
LOVE this face!
Why just lay on your blanket when you can eat it too!
Checking out her picture on my phone.
Loves facing forward in the bjorn.
Bath time has become very splash-tastic.
Kissing Kona. Tongues touched.
A Sophie for my Sophie. She's a fan.