Thursday, August 9, 2012

Food tastes good!

After a little bit of hassle with Babies R Us we finally have a working high chair! I opened the one I got at the baby shower and it was defective. Since it was past the 90 days it was a huge ordeal even though one of the straps could not be adjusted...but we have one we can use now.
We have a space saver one that attaches to a chair. When she outgrows the tray it has a booster seat for the table. So far I like it!

We wanted to introduce food together and Dave is working so much that we had to wait until his day off. I let Sophia sit in the chair...
play with a spoon...
and try out water in a sippy cup.
Sorry for the collage overload. I discovered the 'continuous' option on the camera where you just press the button and it keeps taking pics. :)

Wednesday evening we tried out rice cereal. The first bite ended up in her hand.

Dave didn't ler her get too messy.
This is the only sloppy shot I got.

She emptied the bowl and decided to clean off her bib.
We will continue to practice eating cereal this week and start on fruits and veggies next week!

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