Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twenty-four weeks

Happy little lady.
I had my first day back at school - one day for planning. Our workdays don't start until the 16th. Sophia spent the day with her Daddy. Now that it is almost time to return to school I have had a few teary moments. Sophia is just so fun at this stage and I am going to miss being totally immersed with her. I LOVE Lorena and that makes the transition back to work easier, but I still wish I was able to be home more.

The highlight of the week was trying out some rice cereal. It was a big hit (most days anyway)!
And yes, I was a little obsessed with bows during mealtime.
She is perfecting her backwards scoot. Poor thing is going to end up with some rug burns soon. It is a gradual process, but she's moving!

She loves to find her way under things.
No crawling yet but she can get up on all fours!
We spent a few hours with Ashley and David. We had such a nice time visiting and catching up but no pictures were taken. David has grown so much since our last visit. He did a great job sharing his toys with Sophia and she loved watching him push his lawn mower.

Sophia and I spent a lot of time running errands this week. I took advantage of some sales and got new clothes for school. Harris Teeter has super doubles this week (they double coupons up to $2) and there were some deals I could not resist. I love getting free items at the market!
Sophia conked out after stopping at several stores.
The dogs are interacting with Sophia more. For the most part Hunter still keeps his distance unless he wants attention from us. Kona tolerates Sophia touching him to a point and just moves when he has had enough.

Just because she's cute here is a quick video of my little bean. She was quite cranky but spent the day obsessed with Kona. She is in her swing watching Kona play with a ball. The video is shaky when I throw the ball for him. Up until this point, she was only giggling when tickled. LOVE that she can giggle on her own. Sorry - I still didn't figure out how to turn videos.
A couple more pictures from the week:

Last size 1 diaper!!
She is splashing way too much to be up on the counter, but I can't bear to take her away from her bath time playmate.
Practicing the forward lean...also known as sitting!!

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  1. She is getting so big! I can't believe you are heading back to work already. I am sad for you! I couldn't do it!!! Love the pics


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