Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Twenty-three Weeks

Loving bathtime at the kitchen sink.
We spent the week with Grandmom. I did a HORRIBLE job of taking pictures, but we had a great time. We checked out the local kids thrift shops, shopped, ate, relaxed, and obsessively watched the Olympics.
Lunch at Amelie's French Bakery in NoDa.
Trying out our new bottles.
Not a fan of napping in her pack-n-play.
Dave and my Mom spent a day together so I could help out at the new GAP store. They went to the farmers market, shopped, and relaxed. I unloaded the truck full of merchandise for the new store.
The store naked except for fixtures.
Thursday night Mom watched Sophie so Dave and I could make a trip to the movies. We watched the new Batman movie. I never saw the second movie in the trilogy (oops!) but I liked this one. There were a few surprises too!
Waving goodbye to us on our way out the door.
While my mom was in town I gave in and fed Sophia during her middle of the night wakings. We are working on getting that back on track. I am a much more pleasant person when I get continuous sleep.

We caught up with Nana and Grandpop on Skype. So thankful for that technology. I love watching Sophia react and interact with them on the computer screen. Wish we lived closer!

Forgetting that it was Tax Free Weekend in NC we made a trip to the mall to see the beautiful new GAP store. It is SOOO PRETTY! I love that it carries all of the GAP merchandise - including maternity and body. I found the maternity clothes to be the most comfortable when I was pregnant. I am sure the designer clothes are comfortable too, but they were not in my budget.
GAP has its very own outdoor entrance (near Cheesecake Factory for those of you in Charlotte).
The inside-the-mall-view prior to opening day.

We may have brought this home with us.
Every princess needs a pink glitter tutu.
We had our first tutu photo shoot :)

Some more pictures from the week:
Sitting with support.
She usually ends up on her face when she reaches for a toy.
Grumpy baby and foolish mommy.
LOVE this face!
Why just lay on your blanket when you can eat it too!
Checking out her picture on my phone.
Loves facing forward in the bjorn.
Bath time has become very splash-tastic.
Kissing Kona. Tongues touched.
A Sophie for my Sophie. She's a fan.

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