Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twenty-five weeks

School is back...for the teachers anyway. I have been busy with trainings, planning, and setting up a classroom. Sophia loves spending time with her Daddy and Lorena but we are missing our days together. Thank goodness for weekends!
The almost-before picture. Forgot to take an after picture.
We had a playdate with Kristen and Tori. Sophia loved Tori's toys (although Tori was a little hesitant to share some of her favorites). Sophia showed off her scooting, sitting, and smiles.

Food continues to go well. She is doing great with her rice cereal and has tried pears and sweet potatoes. We decided to make her food for now. I can't get over how expensive those little jars of food are! I know once school is in full-swing I am not going to have the time or energy to whip up most purees, but I like doing it when I can.
Enjoying her pears.
She liked her sweets, but I loved this picture.

Her ability to sit up is improving. She sits up nice and straight when she is on your lap or the couch, but I still prop her up when she is on the floor. She has a bad habit of leaning forward and smashing her face...ouch!
All smiles.
Waking up happy from a nap.
She loves being outside but her body language makes it seem like she was NOT enjoying this walk.
Attempting a self portrait at the park.
Posted on 9/7/12 but technology makes it look like I posted in a much more timely manner :)

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  1. So cute...love the outside car seat pic! I would love to see how your room turned out, too.


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