Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nine Months

You are nine months old today (November 28, 2012).
You are still a little peanut and weigh 16 lbs 15 oz (10th%)
You are wearing size two diapers.

You are wearing some six month, some nine month, and some twelve month clothing.
You love to eat and want to snack on anything other people are eating. You still love your milk and take a bottle or nurse every three to four hours. This month you tried apricots, chicken, parsnips, watermelon, beets, blueberries, turkey, celery root, egg, orange, turnips, buckwheat and blackbeans. You are eating more finger foods but get frustrated with getting it to your mouth fast enough. Food still makes me a little paranoid because of little ones I know with food allergies.
You have two bottom teeth and are drooling like crazy. You are a slow teether but it shouldn't be long before your top ones arrive.

You are an amazing sleeper! You take after your mommy in that you go to bed early and after your daddy in that you like to sleep in. We are very blessed!
You are cruising and very active. It won't be long until you are walking!

You said your first word this month - hi. It was something that you were babbling and we encouraged it. You usually wave when you say it. You have really enjoyed peek-a-boo this month. You also like "so big" but you don't put your hands up by yourself. You LOVE to chase and be chased. I love the squeal that you let out when you are crawling away from us at top speed.

The dogs are liking you a bit less now that you are more mobile. We are working on it. I thought that they would be your biggest fan during mealtimes, but most food ends up in your mouth so you are not sharing much with them.
You are such a happy baby (don't let the pictures fool you!) and we are thrilled you are ours!