Friday, December 28, 2012

Ten Months

You are ten months old today (December 28, 2012).
A guess on your weight is about 17 pounds.
You are wearing the last of your size two diapers and wearing size three to bed. We could continue in size two for a little longer but you are such a wiggler and very active so you need a little more room!
You are wearing a wide range of clothing from 6 months up through 12 months. I am so thankful for generous friends who have gifted us hand-me-downs and generous grandparents who spoil us!
You have three teeth and are working on a fourth.
You love to eat! We stopped formally introducing foods this month and just let you eat. I am paranoid so I do pay attention to what new things you eat. You eat mostly organic and gluten free. I have a hard time buying you snacks that are not gluten free since I can't eat them. I am amazed at the amount of food you put into your body! Most of your meals are finger foods now but you do like to be fed when you are tired or overly hungry and can't get it in your mouth fast enough!
You are a great napper at home (still getting two in) but you only snooze at Ms. Lorenas. Either way, you still sleep great at night.
You are so active! You sprint when you are crawling and run when you are cruising. You are so close to walking! You have taken a few almost steps, but I am torn about whether I want you walking just yet. You are very hard to keep up with as it is.
I love that you have really started to 'get things' this month. You are so curious about everything around you! You continue to wave hi, but now wave bye as well. You wave goodbye to me in the morning at Lorena's and get serious, but we have yet to see tears. You babble mama and sometimes dada but they don't have meaning yet. Soon. You love to be chased and will turn around to make sure someone is coming after you when you take off. You have started to hand books to me so that I can read them for you. Sometimes you let me read the whole thing, other times just a page. You know that when I close your blinds and turn on the white noise machine that it is nap or bedtime.
We have been doing a few signs but you have not picked up on them. We only do them at home - they are not reinforced at Lorena's. You understand them, but have your own version of responding to them. You try to do 'all done' when you are finished eating. When I ask you if you want milk you respond by sitting and flapping your arms like a birdie. You do the same thing when you are excited. It is quite cute.
 You are already very independent and know what you want!
You are such a joy to have in our lives. You make every day so much fun!