Thursday, June 28, 2012

Four Months

You are four months old today (June 28, 2012).

Weight: 12 lbs 12 oz (25%)
Length: 23.5 in (10-25%)
Head: 40 cm (10-25%)
You are wearing size one diapers.
You are wearing 0-3 month clothes and 3-6 month clothes, depending on the brand.
You are still eating every 2.5-3 hours. You do not seem to be satisified by bottles until you get FULL. You drank at least five ounces when you were drinking a bottle. When I finished the school year you still nursed every 2.5 hours (maybe to get my milk supply up).
You sleep through the night - normally about ten hours.
You still do not have a set schedule, but you are flexible and have a pretty good routine.
You smile all the time. You have just become aware of when we leave the room. The only time it has been a major problem is when it is time to go to bed for the night. You cry when you realize we are not in the room.
You do an amazing job with tummy time, although you prefer to be on your back. You can roll from your front to back and from your back to front. You like to spend a lot of time on your side when you are playing. You grab onto everything and have just started to pull on hair.
You had quite a few fussy periods at home this month. Everyone comments on how good you are when we are out. You are very interested in everything around you!
You sometimes use a pacifier when you are sleepy, but not very often. You love to put your fingers, hand, and anything else you can get ahold of in your mouth.
You love to watch the dogs. They are more comfortable with you this month. Kona has started checking on you when you are in your crib. I think he just likes to know where you are. They both will lay near you as long as you are not fussy. One day you even tried to get Hunter's tail in your mouth!
We love watching you grow and change. You make each day so much fun!
Your monthly comparison:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seventeen Weeks

I am loving summer and all of my time with our little one! She has been a little cranky the past few days. I am blaming it on the still-unseen teeth that are trying to make an appearance, but who knows.
Our bedtime routine has improved, but falling asleep is still a struggle. This week bedtime happened anywhere between 7:45 and 9:45. My goal is to make bedtime 8:00. She still sleeps at least ten hours at night regardless of what time she falls asleep.
We had our first playdate of the summer with Kristen and Tori. I didn't take a single picture, but Sophia had a great time watching Tori play and listening to stories. Tori gave up her pacifiers about a month ago and she gifted them to Sophia. I was quite impressed at how she remembered to give them to her!
We met up with Ashley and Avery for lunch. I used to teach second grade with Ashley before she moved to Atlanta. They were in town for a concert and made time for us. It was the first time I had seen them since Avery was born. I wish we lived closer together. It was so good to spend time with them!
Sophia got her first dog-related injury this week and it was completely my fault. Luckily it was only  scratches. Dave was sitting on the carpet holding Sophia and Hunter came over. I told Hunter to sit so I could take a picture of the three of them. As soon at he sat down he put his paw out to "shake" but since Dave's hands were occupied, Hunter ended up planting his paw on Sophia's head. She got a few red scratches, but they went away quickly.

Here are some more pictures from this week:

She loves her outside time!

Trying to fit *all* of her fingers in her mouth.

Loving on her giraffe.

Sweet smiles :)

Her version of sitting up - the forward lean.

Hugging her current favorite toy.
Morning conversation with Daddy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Sophia is a great sleeper. She has been sleeping through the night since she was about one month old. Now she will go at least 7 hours, but can still sleep through the night. Recently bedtime has become challenging. I am not sure if it is because she is not with the little ones at Lorena's and not as stimulated during the day. She is definitely napping better now that she is home with me.

Part of the problem is that she is not consistent with the times she falls asleep. One night she seriously went to bed at 4:15. She did wake up twice to eat but fell right back to sleep. Most nights she is asleep by 8, but she may take a nap before then.

 We have a great routine and she is fairly easy to read but I wish bedtime did not involve so many tears. I can handle a little crying before bed, but it is quite frustrating to have an exhausted screaming baby. I love rocking her, but I know that she needs to fall asleep on her own.

Here is the new plan leading up to slumber:

-Bath at night (I had been giving them in the afternoon)
-Nursing/bottle with white noise machine on
-Snuggles to crib

I would LOVE suggestions on how to make the cuddles to crib transition easier and tips for bedtime. 

Three Years

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband.
Love you!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sixteen Weeks

This has been one of the best weeks so far! Sophia is able to interact so much more now. She is becoming much more aware of her surroundings. She smiles, has "conversations", takes toys from us...I love it all. I am also treasuring our time together. This summer is going to pass by so quickly!
"Talking" to Mommy in the hammock.
We had a playdate with Ashley and David and I was so proud of myself for remembering to take pictures this time! Usually David is napping during our visits, but we went over while he was awake. David is a year older than Sophia and all boy! He is such a bundle of energy and so bright. I loved the look on his face when I was nursing Sophia and she was under my drape. He was so curious as to where she went.

Checking each other out.
David was not a fan of Sophia sitting in his bumbo.
As soon as I took her out he squeezed himself back in.
The dogs are more interested in her, but still keep their distance. Kona has been wandering into her room to check on her more often while she is sleeping. On a rainy day, Hunter chose her room as his hiding spot while she was napping. They both like to lick her feet and Kona tries to help out when she has a dirty diaper.

I finally saw her roll over again. She has not been showing off that trick at home recently, but decided to make me happy and flip flop on her blanket a few times.

She discovered her feet this week which I think is adorable. I had the hardest time taking pictures of it since she moves so much.
Sophia has been showing how flexible she is with her schedule. We have been out and about and she has had a great temperament. We still do not have a set schedule and I am okay with that. I try to make sure I am home in the afternoon so she can nap in her crib, but other than that we just go with the flow.
Napping at the Farmer's Market.

Sleeping in her crib.
A few more pictures from the week:
Swinging in the hammock.
Showing off her belly button.
She is constantly putting the bottoms of her feet together and folding her toes over.
Checking out the trees on our walk.

All smiles :)

Loving the bumbo!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day - The first one!

Happy First Father's Day to my wonderful husband!
I love watching you and Sophia together. You are an amazing Dad and so attentive to our daughter. She is so content in your arms and you know exactly what to do to get her to smile. Thank you for taking such amazing care of our little one!

We love you very much!