Monday, July 2, 2012

Pennsylvania Trip Part 1

In the wee hours of the morning we loaded our car and took off on the long drive to Pennsylvania. The dogs had been dropped off at Continental Boarding the day before for a little over a week of fun with the other pups.
We made the drive to my family in a little over ten hours, with three stops for gas, snacks, and bathroom breaks. Sophie woke up for feedings when the car stopped, but slept for all but 3 hours of the drive. Toward the end of the ride she cried for a short time until I sat in the back seat to entertain her. I think she was just lonely.
Once we arrived at my parents we chatted for a bit and then Dave and I headed up to take a nap before dinner. Sophia took her nap at dinner.

After dinner we stopped by to see Cookie and Lee. They have three of the sweetest persian cats I have ever encountered.
Dave and I watched our first home 3D movie. I got incredibly sick when we went to see Avatar in 3D at an IMAX theater, but I can handle watching at home. We watched Tangled and I was surprised at how good the 3D effects were for a regular television set.
Sophia met her future husband (no pressure!). My best friend has a son who is 20 days older than Sophia but six pounds bigger. Kelly also gifted us ALL of Ava's clothes that she has outgrown. I am so incredibly thankful for the new wardrobe. We brought everything we could fit back to NC.
We had lunch with my mom at her job and spent some time at her house. The long days caught up with Sophie and she was a cranky baby while we were there.
The highlight of the trip was getting to visit my 91 year old grandfather. It was wonderful to watch him hold Sophia and I cried when he held her a little longer for my grandmother.

Dave and I snuck out for a meal in Philly. We ate at Pub and Kitchen. I highly recommend it. If you drink, they have fun concoctions. Dave liked everything he sampled. The food was great and the clams were my favorite dish. Tell Chef BV you know us and he will treat you well!
Our big adventure of the trip was trying to find Eagles gear for Sophia. In North Carolina you can find Panthers gear year round, but Philly has hockey and baseball teams so we did not have luck finding football items in the off-season. The problem was solved when we took a trip to the Pro Shop at Lincoln Financial Field to stock up. The baby items were on sale too!

Unfortunately both my mom and dad had to work while we were in town and we did not get to visit everyone we wanted to see, but it was a great visit for the time that we had. Here is the rest of the picture overload :)

Stay tuned for part two - visiting Dave's family.

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