Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twenty-two Weeks

Still loving her feet!
We spent an afternoon catching up with Lorena and her family. Sophia had a blast watching Carrick pretend to be a dog and do tricks. Layla and Chloe just kept telling me how cute she is. Sophia is starting to get a bit of stranger-phobia so I am glad we were able to visit. Sophia will be one of two little ones at the beginning of the year so I know she is going to be SPOILED with all of the attention she will get.
We borrowed The Little Mermaid from Lorena and Sophia chewed away on her teether while she watched a bit.
Dave got called into work on his only day off this week. I was at a doctor's appointment so Sophia got to spend a few hours at the restaurant with him. Dave sent me a text of her 'helping' answer the phone, but I can't figure out how to get the text off of my phone. Everyone commented on how good she was and how she grips everything with her feet.

Sophia turned five months.
Look Ma! My belly is almost up!

She was obsessed with the light coming through the window.
We had some hot days again this week so most of our time was spent at home. I spent most of my time getting our house clean and clutter free and Sophia spent a lot of time playing with toys.
I started donation bags and one of these mutts decided to rip the bags apart and scatter things everywhere.
She spent a lot of time reaching for the dangling toys - before she would just roll right over onto her belly.
My mom flew in to Charlotte and we greeted her at the airport. Looking forward to our visit!

Hanging out at baggage claim.
Here are a few more pictures from the week:
Still no sign of teeth, but loving the teethers.

More pictures, really?
Loves her red cup during bath time!
Our local Target needs to carry the Eagles version of this!
Kona is OBSESSED with checking in on Sophie while she naps.
She loved the crinkly noise this bag made.
Unfortunately we returned the 'gluten free' pasta since it was made in the same facility with wheat products.

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