Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nineteen Weeks

We are settling back in to being at home and not traveling around.

July 4th was low-key. We got back to NC and napped, relaxed, and went to watch some fireworks. We live down the street from Carowinds so we watch their show every year. No fireworks pics turned out though.
Waiting for the fireworks.
Sophia had her four month doctor's appointment. She has doubled her weight, weighing 12 lbs 12 oz, but she is a little peanut. The checkup was great and I was thrilled to hear that when we start food she can and should eat normally. I was afraid with my food allergy that she would be limited, but I was told to offer her everything. They can test for Celiac Disease at 3, but they won't unless she is showing symptoms or I request the test.
Monday I met up with Cassidy and her son, Oliver. Cassidy is the nurse where I teach and we were pregnant at the same time. We were due two weeks apart. Oliver was two weeks early and so was Sophia. She was born on his due date. Oliver is four pounds heavier and super cute. The camera did not make it out, but we had a great lunch at Mellow Mushroom. The restaurant space used to be fine dining and it was strange to take in the new setting. Sophia was fascinated by the decorations. We sat under the giant mushroom and Sophia spent most of her time staring up at the lights. It was too HOT to be outside so after lunch we stopped at the mall before saying goodbye to Cassidy and Oliver.
All dressed up and ready for our lunch date.
Bedtime has improved tremendously this week! I could not be happier. If I put Sophia in her crib on her belly she screams, but that is how she sleeps now. She just rolls over herself, tucks her legs under, and sticks her booty in the air. She still fusses, but she settles herself and falls asleep on her own.

Some more pictures from the week:
The teething continues. Apparently she can drool for 8 weeks before teeth appear - she has been drooling for five so far.
Hunter claiming Sophia's football as his own.
Morning smiles.

Snoozing the day away after getting shots.

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