Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photo Obsessed

I am kind of obsessed with taking pictures of my little lady. I'm not the best photographer, but I have the best subject to practice on. Unfortunately I do not have a fancy camera, just a little Cannon Powershot that I love. However I take most of my pictures with my phone. It is usually right next to me so I use it. The picture quality stinks when you print out pictures! They are fine to view on the phone, email, and look at on the computer - but not to print. I am making an effort to take more pictures with the camera.

Instagram is by far my favorite social media because it is all about the pictures. I am very visual and random pictures make me happy. I also love square pictures. Of course, most of my pictures are of Sophia. Some of my favorites:

I just recently discovered PicMonkey. I do not do any editing before I put pictures on the blog. I know I should but even though it is summer I am busy and editing takes a long time. PicMonkey has editing tools (that I do not use) but they are fun to play with. You can crop, add text and borders, change contrast and colors, touch up get it. I like frames around pictures so I did a picture of Sophia just for fun.

My favorite PicMonkey feature is the collage. There are so many options and you can create your own formats as well. I discovered it when I was doing our Pennsylvania Vacation posts here and here and it let me include more pictures without making the posts be ridiculously long. Now I want to do collages of EVERYTHING. It is an obsession, but it lets me share a little more.

I found a blog (younghouselove) with a neat idea that a couple used for taking pictures for the first year of life. They used different fabric as a background, took weekly pictures, and then turned the fabric into a quilt, among other things. Love the idea but I won't be making a quilt without a sewing machine. I like having an easy backdrop. It inspired me to get fabric. I only got one piece so far - purple (probably not the best color choice, but I love purple!). I am working finding the best place to use it in the house. We don't have a lot of wall space that gets good natural light so I am limited where I can use it, but I am having fun setting up little photo sessions.
What other fun photo things should I discover next?

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