Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twenty Weeks

I've said it before, but time is going by way too fast...twenty weeks! Wow!

Dave has been spending a lot of time at work since they are down a chef. Sophia is usually asleep when he gets home from work, but he had an early night and was able to read her bedtime stories, supervised by Kona. He also got to do bedtime all by himself while I was at a meeting.
Can't get enough of this!

Borrowed this picture from Mindy. We're waaaay in the back!
We celebrated a friend's birthday at Cantina 1511. I had a great time catching up with some of the ladies I used to teach with. I had to change Sophia while we were there and the baby changing station was inside the handicap restroom. Sophia hovered above the toilet for the fastest diaper change ever!
Sleepy Sophia after dinner about to get ready for bed.
Kelly is the person who gave me my introduction to teaching in CMS mid-year. She helped me rip apart and redo a classroom in an afternoon. I taught second grade with her and loved every minute of it. We had a great team. We met up for lunch with the kids at Chick-Fil-A. It was the first time we had gotten together since Sophia was born. She has THE CUTEST family.

Best moment of the week - getting an honest to goodness giggle out of Sophia. She is a happy baby but her laughs are interesting to say the least (not what I think of as a laugh...just breathiness). I was smothering her in kisses and when I got to her belly she just started giggling. It only happened once, but I am looking forward to hearing more just like it.

Sophia can hold a bottle! She pulls it towards her mouth but needs assistance to hit the target and tilt the bottle up.

I am in a new crafty phase. I really want to make flowers and bows for headbands. There are a few styles that I need a sewing machine for so I also want to learn to make quilts. I think sewing machines are a bit impractical for just headbands.

Some more pictures from the week:
She has been sitting up for bathtime for the past two weeks. Remembered to take pictures finally.
Kona stealing Sophie's giraffe. Pardon my unmade bed :)
Working on her sitting up and reading.

Sleeping with her booty in the air. Love.
Testing out my fabric-as-backdrop. Need to work on not getting it so bunchy.
Good practice for when I get a fancy camera...someday.

Sucking on the edge of her bjorn.
We did a quick photo shoot so I could use a promo code before it expired.
Helping Mommy open the mail.

Showing off her football skills while Skype-ing with Nana and Grandpop.

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