Friday, January 23, 2015

Baby Sunshine: Week 37

Size: Baby Sunshine is right on track weighing in at a little over 6 pounds and measuring in at about 19 inches.

Total Weight Gain: Down one pound for a total of 36 pounds (even with my weight gain when I was pregnant with Sophia).

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much.

Gender: Only THREE more weeks until we find out (if I last that long).

Cravings: Thirsty all the time. Not exactly cravings, but I have requested sushi and grilled ham and cheese to be brought to the hospital.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions are very prevalent and I feel slightly 'off', but that could just be my sinuses with all of the weather fluctuations we have been experiencing. New stretch marks have made an appearance (I got a small patch on my left side when I was pregnant with Sophia).

Movement: The baby is doing its best to move around in there, but space is limited.

Sleep: Sleep has not been great. Fortunately I am still able to function on less.

Moments of the Week: I had a little bit of pampering this week and loved time without my sidekick to get a massage and my hair cut. 
At my doctor's appointment on Tuesday I got to hear the heartbeat and learned that I am making progress toward Baby Sunshine joining us. 
Wednesday Dave and I decided to do a little practice run to the hospital. I was having contractions that were four minutes apart, They weren't painful but after drinking three bottles of water and not noticing any relief, we decided we had better be safe and go in to get checked out. It was determined that since my cervix had not changed from the day before, they were just Braxton Hicks contractions. While the baby was being monitored there were slight drops in the heartbeat, so I was given an ultrasound to check fluid levels for the baby. Fluids were on the low range of normal. We were sent on our way with a follow up appointment at the doctor.
Yesterday we had another ultrasound where we got to see the Baby Sunshine again and all looked good. Fluid levels were normal, heartbeat sounded good, and we are at 4 cm. The doctor thinks that I have about a week left. I am hoping to keep the kid in at least that long. I am doing my best to resist the urge to move all of the furniture and deep clean and force myself to sit and relax.
Lots of good moments this week, but the best was learning that I tested negative for Strep B, meaning one less night at the hospital.

What I Miss: Although I am trying to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy, I just miss being comfortable.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Tackling our before-baby checklist and meeting this sweet babe. Oh, and finalizing a name for this little one. Even after a trip to the hospital we still do not have a girl and boy name set in stone.

Big Sister: Sophia has loved using Baby Sunshine's things with her babies. She is still pretending to be a baby frequently. We have been doing our best to prep Sophia about what will happen when I go into labor. She still doesn't fully grasp the concept, but I am just thankful that she will be in good hands while Baby Sunshine makes an appearance. She had a practice sleepover next door thanks to our hospital visit.

Looking Back: When I was looking over Sophia's post it make me smile remembering how surreal it was learning that I was 3 cm dilated and yet still insisting that I had plenty of time until a baby joined us. Read more about my pregnancy with Sophia here.
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