Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby Sunshine: Week 36

Size: Baby Sunshine is about the size of a head of romaine lettuce, measures in at 18.5 inches and weighs almost six pounds.

Total Weight Gain: Up one pound for a total of 37 pounds (one pound more than my total weight gain with Sophia).

Maternity Clothes: Yep.

Gender: Only four more weeks until we find out!

Cravings: I am not craving sweets, but I am snacking on them frequently. The little baking kick we have been on is not good for my weight gain.

Symptoms: Nesting (I am wondering if I resist the urge to organize everything I can hold off delivery). Braxton Hicks contractions picked up this week and my veins continue to be a little sore, but I have been taking more time to elevate my legs. The belly is getting tight and I am keeping my fingers crossed that most stretch marks stay away.

Movement: My poor ribs have been taking a beating. The little one seems more active at night.

Sleep: As good as can be expected at this point. I really need a nap each day, but if I take one then I have trouble sleeping at night so I just try to make it through without one.

Moments of the Week: All of the baby's things are washed and ready to be assembled. Dave is nesting right along with me. He has been helping to make sense of the disaster that is our basement. He also makes little comments like "I can't believe we are going to have one of those soon" whenever we see babies. I just wish we could decide on a name for this little one. We have narrowed the list, but now we are back to debating a boy middle name. 

What I Miss: Bending over easily. Going more than thirty minutes without needing to use the bathroom.

What I'm Looking Forward to: I have a little bit of pampering scheduled for myself next week. Hooray for some time for me! Although I am not exactly looking forward to my first pants off doctor appointment (fingers crossed for a negative Strep B test), I am excited to hear the heartbeat again.

Big Sister: Sophia is still impatient for Baby Sunshine to arrive. We have been talking a lot about what it will be like for her once the baby is here. She is excited to help, but still has no clue about what she is in for. I have been enjoying all of the extra cuddles I have been getting. She has only been napping twice a week, but fortunately will tolerate a rest time in her room.

Looking Back: I didn't get my first internal exam until I was 37 weeks with Sophia. I remember being completely freaked out that I was already dilated to 3 cm. Read more about my pregnancy with Sophia here.
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