Friday, January 9, 2015

Baby Sunshine: Week 35

Size: Baby Sunshine is about the size of a honeydew melon, weighing in at 5.25 pounds and measures over 18 inches long.

Total Weight Gain: Up 36 pounds (even with my total weight gain from when I was pregnant with Sophia).

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Most things are getting a little tight. Thank goodness for my favorite gap maternity tanks to keep my belly from hanging out.

Gender: Only five more weeks until we find out!

Cravings: Nothing stands out. Eating more sweet and salty foods than usual. Always thirsty and drinking lots of water.

Symptoms: My right leg has some slight swelling and itchiness thanks to my lovely veins. Other than that, just enjoying all of the uncomfortable feelings that go along with being 35 weeks pregnant.

Movement: All.the.time. Since there is little room left it can be quite comical. My ribs are taking a beating though.

Sleep: Sleep is overrated. Even on the nights I am able to sleep for longer stretches, I don't wake up feeling rested.

Moments of the Week: Visiting the doctor is always a highlight. Love hearing that sweet little heartbeat. Sophia and I always play doctor while we wait for the doctor to come in and it was definitely a highlight of the week.

What I Miss: Sleep. Energy. Warm weather and clothes that fit properly.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Getting things ready for the babe. Hoping to get most of the gear prepped and set up this week.

Big Sister: Sophia has had a few meltdowns because Baby Sunshine is not here yet. Sweet thing doesn't realize how much her world is going to change once the babe does get here. She has been very helpful in wanting to get space ready for the baby. We have read her new big sister books multiple times each day. She has been very concerned about the veins in my legs. Every time she catches a glimpse of them she asks me if I am going to be okay.

Looking Back: Things seem pretty similar at this point between both pregnancies. Keeping my weight under what I gained with Sophia has gone out the window though. Hopefully breastfeeding is successful and helps me knock off the pounds. Read more about my pregnancy with Sophia here
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