Friday, February 28, 2014

Twenty-four months

You are TWO YEARS OLD today (February 28, 2014),
We have your two year old check-up on Monday to find out your stats.
You have red hair and brown eyes. You hate getting your hair brushed, but will occasionally wear a bow or pigtails.
You wear size four diapers. You like to tell me when you need your diaper changed, but you have very little interest in the potty. We plan on encouraging you, but letting you take the lead on when you want to be potty trained.
You are wearing clothes from 18 months through 2T. Some of the pants you wear are 3T. You love wearing footed pajamas with a zipper and most mornings it is a battle to get you dressed and out of your pjs.
You eat great most days. You have started eating a few bites of vegetables. Your favorite breakfast food is Chex cereal. I truly think you would eat it for every meal if I let you.
You are a great sleeper. Most nights you sleep between eleven and twelve hours and get a two hour nap during the day. You enjoy a little quiet time in your crib before you fall asleep. You insist on having baby dolls, stuffed animals, lovie, and a stack of books in your bed.
You are getting much more chatty and still use a little sign language. Your vocabulary has grown tremendously, but there are still words (like 'sorry' and 'thank you') that you won't even try to say. You are extremely shy and it takes you a long time to warm up to new people. Sometimes you will crack a smile when new people talk to you, but more often you turn your head away from them.
You are very independent and want to attempt most things by yourself. "No, mine!" is the phrase we hear most often when we try to offer unwanted help.
You love reading, but will close a book if it doesn't interest you. Your favorite books are the ones you can touch, lift a flap, or make noises and music with.
You are a huge fan of the shows on Disney Junior and love to watch The Jungle Book. I try to limit your television watching, but I am very much looking forward to warmer weather so we can get out of the house more.
Your favorite toys night now are wooden puzzles, trains, beads, your purse, and of course, baby dolls. Your favorite game is chase. You are obsessed with tumbling and jumping. You love 'singing' and chants and often request to dance to music.
Your Daddy and I have loved spending the last two years with you. Thank you for keeping us on our toes and making every day entertaining! We love you to the moon and back!
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