Monday, October 28, 2013

Twenty Months

You are twenty months old today (October 28, 2013).
I love that you have red hair with curls. I just wish you would wear a bow so that your hair would not be in your eyes all of the time, although you do tolerate a ponytail on occasion. Your eyes seem to get darker each day and have turned more brown than hazel.
You are wearing size three diapers. We tried size four diapers for bedtime but they are still a little big on you. This month you started asking (through gestures) to have your diaper changed more frequently. Other times I have to bribe you with a treat to be still long enough to get changed. You continue to have interest in sitting on the toilet, but no formal potty training has started yet.
You are wearing 18 month clothes and a few 24 month and 2T pieces.
Four new teeth - your incisors - finally made their appearance, putting you at 16 teeth. You constantly have a finger in your mouth, making me think more are on their way.
I am thrilled that you are again eating avocado and apples. Condiments are still your favorite part of any meal. You try everything you are offered, although vegetables are still a struggle. We eat all of our meals together and I am working on eating a little slower. Whenever you see that my plate is empty you shake your hands and say "ah-dah" (all done) and stop eating your food. Your meals continue to be mostly gluten free and you snack on 'regular' foods.
You are still a great sleeper, averaging thirteen hours at night and a two hour nap in the afternoon.
You have become much more verbal this month and are repeating so many words. Your favorite word is "MINE!", which you say a little too frequently. Your animal noises are my favorite! Your favorites to mimic are dog, cat, sheep, and tiger.
You still sign several words. Now that you are talking more you add the words while you sign them. 'Ball' is the one you do that with most frequently.
You get angry when you do not get your way. Your 'temper tantrums' mainly involve you crying and sometimes hitting. You will lay down on the floor, but that mostly happens when you do not want to be picked up.
You are making the funniest facial expressions now, although your 'serious' face is the one we see most often.
You truly are a little sponge. You take in everything. I love watching you observe bigger kids and then seeing you copying what they were doing.
Your imagination surprises me sometimes. You will often bring me invisible 'food' to eat and say "yum yum". A current favorite game is to say "bye-bye" and blow me kisses. You go out of sight, then come back for kisses and repeat the process over again. You love to lay your babies and animals down and tell me "shhh" to let me know they are sleeping. Your current favorite his to hide things behind something and put your hands up as if to say "Where is it?" and then laugh when one of us 'finds' the hidden item.
You have ridden the train at the zoo a few times. Now every time you ride in any vehicle, hear a horn, or play with cars, you say "choo choo".
Your Daddy and I love you to the moon and back!
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  1. Adorable her orange and black outfit! She is getting so big. Oh how I wish our girls lived close enough to play. They would have a blast I think.

    1. Thanks Emily! I agree that our little ladies would enjoy each other!


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