Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh, Monday

You surprised me today.
Shortly after waking I decided today would be a pajama-stay-in-the-house-kind-of-day. Fall arrived overnight and it was chilly {making me realize that this old house has some DRAFTY areas}. Sleep was also scarce last night thanks to the husband, dogs, and phantom doorbell ringer.
Sophia and I had our breakfast, morning meeting, and were having a great time playing the day away.
As we were eating lunch, Dave called from the restaurant letting me know that he needed something from the house. Sophia and I made ourselves presentable and headed over with the certificate he requested.
Sophia took her nap and I did some things around the house before I had some 'me' time of reading and catching up on shows.
And...since we were dressed and no longer in the pajama-stay-in-the-house frame of mind from earlier, we went to the park. Aside from me comparing Sophia to other kids her age (the 18 month old who is talking up a storm & the 20 month old who could move and literally ran circles around her) WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! This was our first time at 1000 Hands playground and I love the way it is designed. Most of the play area is set up so that adults can easily access the play area.
Sophia cracked me up by telling the kids who were excited and yelling to be quiet...more than the twice I caught on camera.
While I was getting dinner ready Sophia did some prep for soup by washing the potatoes. If it turns out well, I will share the recipe!
Monday - thank you for showing me that a rough start to the day can be turned into fun memories.
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