Thursday, October 17, 2013

The day I became yours, you became mine.

I love this Carter's commercial - it gets me every time.
I think Sophia has seen it too often. That, or she has been watching too much True Blood. She is all about "Miy" (mine) lately.
It started with her favorite stuffed animals when the dogs tried to get them, but now everything is "MIY". She says it very matter of fact, with her finger pointing at her chest. She knows what she wants.
At first I thought it was cute, now I just think we are raising a monster. 
Hopefully it is just a phase.

If you live in Cincinnati and would like to help my toddler learn to share, we'd love to have a play date!

 photo 350bd18c-51d0-4b18-95a4-836dd2da11f2_zps5720b10d.jpg


  1. Oh my gosh that commercial makes me tear up every time too!! Glad others do as well Okay we are in the mine phase also. I thought it was because we had our visitors for a few days..but the MINE has stuck around! AHH to bad we can't play with yall it would be a blast!

  2. That Carter's commercial makes me ball my eyes out!!!! Gets me every time!!!


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