Thursday, January 2, 2014

Insta-matic December

Here are a few of my favorite instagram pictures from December.
As always, obsessed with my little lady.
Bow wearing in public.
FINALLY said the word baby.
Sophia insisted that Hunter wear her 'bup-ball' bow.
Loving on Baby Aya.
Good mail day...and new car seat.
Her favorite part of "No, David!"
Driving while Mama scrapes the ice.
First walk in the snow.
Showing her baby the 'noo-ooh".
Taking her snowball for a walk.
Training Mama well to pick up the crayons after she throws them on the floor.
Mango sorbet for dessert.
Cupcakes for breakfast.
Practicing our pouty faces.
She found the evidence that I finished her treats.
Singing and dancing to stay warm in a house with no heat.
Not too sure what to think of the man in the red suit.
Driving the rental car...with Mama in the passenger seat.
Loving all of the Christmas cards we got - she thought they were all books.
Candy canes taste better when shared with your baby.
Best seat in the house.
Whenever she concentrates...her mouth is wide open
(unlike her Mama who sticks her tongue out).
Merry Christmas!
22 months!

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