Saturday, December 28, 2013

Twenty-two Months

You are twenty-two months old today (December 28, 2013).
You weigh about 26 pounds and are about 33 inches tall.
You have red hair and brown eyes. You have started requesting bows, but you only wear them for short periods of time. You hate having your hair in your eyes and will constantly brush it aside.
You are wearing size four diapers. You have lost all interest in sitting on the potty and you have started fighting diaper changes. You do like to request a 'diy' (dry) diaper when you are being changed.
You are wearing clothes from 18 months through 2T.
You continue to be a great eater except for your vegetables.
You are still sleeping great. You are averaging about twelve hours at night and between a one and two hour nap each day. It is starting to take you a little longer to fall asleep, but you entertain yourself in your crib.
You continue to add new words to your vocabulary. You just recently started saying two words together. I love to hear you chat away. I am looking forward to the day when we can have actual conversations.
You are not signing as frequently, but you still throw in a few signs when you are talking. You use the sign for 'help' most often.
You are so serious! When a stranger tries to chat with you, you turn your head in the opposite direction. You refused to crack a smile when you saw Santa. I love your silly side, but we usually only see that at home where you are the most comfortable.
You love to have books read to you and we usually read at least five before bedtime. Whenever you are not interested a book you will say 'no' and close the book.
You adore your baby dolls, especially ones with a pacifier. At night I have to sing and rub the back of your doll before I can sing to you. You love to spin to ring-around-the-rosie and have a new found love of peek-a-boo (except you just say PEEK-A!). Your trains and teapots are your favorite toys right now, aside from your dolls.
I can't believe that in two short months you will be two years old! I am wishing I could slow down time! Your daddy and I love you to the moon and back.

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