Monday, December 16, 2013


Sophia's favorite thing to do is drive the car.
Usually I give her a few minutes to 'drive' while I sit in the passenger seat.
Winter has provided more driving fun. I let Sophia 'drive' while I clean off frost, ice, and snow. She loves it!

This morning the flurries that were forecasted resulted in about an inch of snow on the car. 
I have a rental car right now and my scraper/snow brush is still in my car that is being repaired.
I borrowed Sophia's broom and was happily brushing the snow off the car.
Sophia was happily driving the car.
I finished clearing the snow, put the broom in the backseat, and went to open the door to get Sophia and put her in her carseat.
That is when I heard the worst sound ever.
The unmistakable THUNK of car doors locking.
deep breath
I checked all of the doors and sure enough, they were all locked.
I tried tapping on the window to get Sophia to hit the button again, but all she did was tap on the window back at me. I tried telling her to push the button or pull up the lock, but twenty-one month olds don't follow verbal directions very well.

So, I called Dave at work - knowing that he couldn't do much, but hoping he would have a genius suggestion. Nope.

Next call was to the shop/rental car site. They gave me the number for roadside assistance since I have the only keys to the vehicle.

The lovely woman at roadside assistance was frantic about my child who was locked in the car (while my lovely child was warm and smiling at her chilly Mama). She tried to get in contact with On Star to remotely unlock the doors, but the service was not enabled on this vehicle. They could have sent roadside assistance, but with a possible hour wait time that was not the best solution.

My last call was to 911. While I was explaining how my toddler locked herself in the car, Sophia rolled down the window. Thank goodness for buttons.

I don't think Sophia will get to 'drive' a running car again until she is of legal driving age. Good thing Nanny and Pap Pap gifted her a cozy coupe!

Sophia spent about fifteen minutes locked in the car with the heat running.
She was perfectly happy!

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